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spiritual & healing

For the third year running, Soul Events brings you the Spirtual & Healing Expo.

Over 35 stall holders, 12 readers and much more…

Bringing local spiritual practitioners to YOU

for more than 3 years!

Soul Events is back for their third year, bringing you their much loved and well renowned Spiritual & Healing Expo. A day filled with incredible readers, healers, retailers, presenters and much more.

We bring to you local practitioners to allow you to be free to connect, heal and empower yourself.

With over 37 stall holders & 15 readers…Soul Events brings you the very best of the spiritual industry all in one place.

A day NOT to be missed. And now with FREE ENTRY!



10.00am – 4.00pm

FREE entry

12 readers within our Reader’s Room

35+ Stall holders, healers and retailers

Raffles & Prizes

PRE-bookings have now CLOSED. Please book in person at the Reader’s Room on the day. Bookings open at 10.00am

Meet Your Readers

Heather's BIO

I worked as a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, and remote viewer for 30 years I have always known things before they happen from an early age.

My passion is trying to help people through difficult times in their lives, no matter the cause and show them that there is light and happiness to look forward to.

I was very happy when Heather told me where to find my rings as they had been lost during a house renovation: Robyn, Vic.

A new house, wedding and baby girl was surprising news but Heather’s prediction was right, and they all happened in the 12 months: Mark, Brisbane.

I was shocked when she connected with my mother’s spirit the information was of a great help: Pam, Gold Coast.

I work from home in northern New South Wales doing personal readings and also to phone readings for those who can’t visit.

Have a phone credit card service “Heather’s Psychic Line “. ph.1300663986.

For an appointment ph. 0266793712 or 0418116365

Alexandra's BIO

Alexandra has been reading professionally for over 35 years and has been a psychic since childhood.  She can give insight into relationship compatibility, manifesting abundance, and empowers people to achieve their goals and dreams.  She is a healer, a channel for Spirit and Angels and has studied and taught many courses in esoteric sciences.  With compassion and understanding her mission is to serve, comfort, enlighten and to heal.

Morticia's BIO

Morticia is a natural Intuitive, Psychic who can offer you spiritual guidance by connecting with your guides and spirit energetically.  In addition, she uses the Tarot Deck and Pendulum to also deliver guided messages to empower you in areas of your life, where you may be seeking direction.


From a young age she started to experience her gift and would receive messages through visions and dreams. Morticia’s family ancestry has long been gifted with various spiritual abilities to channel. She may receive messages by Clairvoyance (vision), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling) and Claircognizance (knowing) and Aura Readings.


Over the years she has enjoyed assisting many people and she would love to work with you to assist you in the areas of your life, that spirit guides her to.  Morticia looks forward to connecting and sharing with you a divine, energetic experience coming from a place of love to connect you to your higher self.

Elizabeth's BIO
  • International Clairvoyant
  • Tarot Cards


Liz uses her clairvoyance with psychometry or the tarot to answer your questions on love & relationships, travel, money, career and the future

Kristina's BIO

With over 30 years of experience in the psychic industry both on a local and international basis, Ravenshaw has skilfully combined her personal interests of theosophy, spirituality, pastoral care and life coaching. Ravenshaw will provide you with a unique experience of integration of the psychic intuitive arts with a pastoral coaching insight.  She is honest, straightforward and doesn’t hold back.  Every reading is different and will be adapted to what your individual needs are.

As an “eclectic” psychic, who has inherited her gifts from her family line and has also continued to educate, develop and grow her gifting over time, she encompasses mediumship, clairvoyance, tarot, oracle, empath and energy readings to provide a full-spectrum experience.  Ravenshaw also holds workshops in guided meditation and development of your own psychic/intuitive gifts.  One of her joys and passions is to be able to help guide people along their spiritual path to a place of empowerment and wholeness.

Ravenshaw is also a gifted empath healer. Empath healing is a gentle form of energy healing that can help with stress, fatigue, pain and relaxation. Empath healing helps to clear the blockages and open the path for your mind and body to centre itself and begin its own healing journey.  It can also be used as a system of emotional support throughout the healing process.

Ravenshaw’s mission is to inspire the world through beauty and the revelation of gentle truth.  She believes that each of us is deserving of love and acceptance and that it is when we have learnt to truly love and honour ourselves we will find our greatest place of inner power, strength and healing.  Every day she uses her gifts to bring that love and acceptance into someone’s life whether it be by enhancing their own love and acceptance of themselves or in revealing the answers they seek that will guide them to a path of healing and power for themselves.  This work is her lifelong passion and her greatest joy.

Maree K's BIO

Spirit and Angels have always been present in my life from a young age. Maree is Clairvoyant and Clairsentience and so she sees feels and hears to connect with spirit to pass on healing messages from an awareness of the spirit world. I use Crystal & Angel Cards to provide positive guidance and clarification in many areas of your life such as relationships, career and health. Maree believes that your greatest soul growth can come from your most challenging situations and if she can spread light by helping others to find themselves, then she knows she is on her own soul’s path. Maree sees her purpose as being here to touch others people’s lives through empowerment and to inspire and teach others to thrive and considers it a profound honour to do readings and to help people to access their own guidance, wisdom and intuition. Maree has been reading for several years and also offers crystal jewellery to assist with healings.  Certified Crystal and Angel Card Reader.

Deborah's BIO

Psychic Readings | Reiki | Meditation

 If it is time to make a change, then Soul Elevation can help you make that change!

“As a mindfulness practitioner, I work in a very collaborative manner to help my clients help themselves. My focus is on wellness, mindfulness and helping my clients relearn the art of a relaxed, open, authentic presence – Whatever their current life circumstances are…”

Janelle's BIO

Janelle is an intuitive reader, meaning that she can read with or without tarot cards. However, most commonly she will read using cards that she feels a connection with. 

While reading, Janelle has the ability to connect with Divine Spirit and the client’s Guides, enabling the Guides to use her as a direct channel and bring forth messages that can assist in finding clarity and direction.

Spirit has also gifted Janelle with the ability to perform health scans. Through symptoms like sensations and visions of varying shades of grey Janelle is able to detect health issues within the body.

Linny F's BIO

Linny, owner of Angel Conversations and Readings, is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Medium & Psychic intuitive.

Linny connects to the other side through spirit and guides to give you messages from your loved ones.

She has over 40 years experience, and endeavours for you to leave her table feeling that you are on the right track in life, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle anything life has to offer.

Many of her clients and peers say she is very accurate and spot on with her readings.

Bridget's BIO

Bridget is an intuitive hear based reader specialising in crystal ball and tarot card  readings. She also offers past life healings, readings and mediumship readings.

Joanne's BIO

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium 

Over 15 years experience                       

Jo is a natural born Psychic Healer and as such she is able to deliver messages, advice and guidance from spirit.

Jo has the ability to help others awaken their spiritual gifts and Divine life purpose. Empowering and Inspiring her clients with what’s coming up in their future.

Jo’s readings include the use of Clairvoyance, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Numerology, and Psychometry.

Jo specialises in teaching Tarot, Psychic Development, Crystal Awareness and Meditation classes, both for individuals and groups.

Donna's BIO

I am an accredited Psychic / Medium and have trained under Lisa Williams. My passion is helping clients discover their inner strength and to re-ignite their passion for life and all the amazing experiences that the world has waiting for them.

I personally understand what trauma does to you and how it can be at times overwhelming.

With my strengths as a Psychic Medium & a Qualified Life Coach combined with my compassion, together you can make enormous changes to your life.

The most important person in your life is you!


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