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Own your story | Soul Events

Own your Story!

Guest blog by BELINDA HAYES
23rd May 2019

There is so much power that comes with owning your own story – whether that comes in the form of personal power, courage, strength or healing. By owning your story, it is like saying – “see her, see that girl. She is not me anymore. I am not her!”.

There is an old saying, ‘that everything happens for a reason’ – but if there is one thing that I have learned from my own story, the reason is oftentimes very hard to see and understand at the time. So many times, I have been caught up in the victim mentality. The why me? The how did this happen to me? It is not until we step back and see the bigger picture and take ownership of our story by evaluating it with eyes of understanding, that we can truly see what that reason is. That it is not about ‘me’ but about much more than that. It is about how my experience has shaped me and how that experience may shape others, due to my actions following it.

…and THAT is powerful!

When I was a young child, I was sexually assaulted by my Grandfather. As a teenager I was attacked in the night by a stranger who broke into my home. I lost my first-born child in my twenties and in my thirties, I found myself in a domestic violence situation, homeless and bankrupt. The reason for these things eluded me at the times they happened. The bigger picture was impossible to see…that was, until I owned it! Until I owned what had happened to me, and my role in it. Until I owned those moments and allowed them – not to rule me, but to define me. I acknowledged they happened. I spoke about them. I processed them and allowed them to form my personality (and not my limiting beliefs).

And that ownership led me into the most beautiful, happy state that I have ever existed in. Suddenly I looked back at that girl in her early years, her teens, her twenties and her thirties and I realised – she is not me. I am who I am – NOW, all thanks to her. I own that story, as it is MY story. And, if it is my story, then it is unique to me, and it is real and powerful – to ME!

After all, I am no longer that girl. She is no longer me. I am more than those moments. I understand my role in the bigger picture of why and how those moments happened and how important it is for me to share my soul story to make change together with others. The butterfly effect created from sharing a soul story, authentically, honestly and with understanding of your past, is the greatest gift your story can offer.

So, are you ready to own your story?


If you to are ready to OWN YOUR STORY – then join me when I share my story live on stage at the Soul Stories Conference on the Gold Coast in October 2019 and learn how I owned mine, and how you can too!

More details for the Soul Stories Conference can be found at: www.soulevents.com.au/soul-stories-conference

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