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If It Says Jam, You Would Expect Jam, Right? | Soul Events

If it says Jam, you would expect Jam – right?

Guest blog by LEANNE JAMES
25th June 2019


We see them everywhere, everyday – labels, headings and titles, to show what is underneath the name.

What about the labels that we give people?

Some labels we may give others are inappropriate and only come from our own perspective and shred the Divine essence of the person inside. Being called rude, selfish and inconsiderate are for the most part only the relative perspective of the one speaking the terms and not factual.


In society, we may say that someone is a pensioner, or is a doctor, unemployed, a narcissist, or a teacher. Each description has an adequate list of criteria that has been appropriately determined to indicate to us and give meaning to what is beneath the label. We understand that a doctor has had to study for so many years, pass so many tests, and has had a certain amount of experience before being accepted onto the medical board and qualified to hold the title ‘doctor’.


A teacher too has a role to play and can only do so once a checklist of skills has been acquired and equipped to teach others.


And what about the Labels we give ourselves?

We can give ourselves degrading labels too, and this is just as unhealthy to our soul as the ones that others unjustifiably give us.


What of the labels we give ourselves professionally?


Jam has a label.

If the label say Jam, we know that means a concentration of boiled fruit with a lot of sugar that you can spread on toast or scones. Jam may be used in a number of different way, have but it’s still solid, sweet and fruity, even though it could come as a smooth jam or with fruity chunks in it and come in a variety of flavours.


If the labels says Jam, then we expect Jam, right?

We know what is in the jar and what to expect when we open it up. Personally I prefer strawberry jam, so I will look for a smooth Strawberry Jam on the label. I especially like Jam on scones and pancakes with freshly whipped cream with a hint of vanilla and sugar. There is something much more appealing and desirable about serving jam with fresh home-baked scones and pancakes. Not only are they genuine, but they are also free of artificial production line additives used in commercial cooking, and as they are made straight from the heart we know they are made with love.

What do we call ourselves and how will others recognise our gifts?

  • Do we label ourselves honestly?
  • Do we water down who we are? Or do we shy away beneath lots of words as we describe our services in our professional world?
  • How would our potential customer actually identify the value that we have to offer them?
  • Do we speak their language, and would they recognise us by how we label ourselves?


In my professional field, I am promoting a loving, peaceful and safe environment that clients can feel protected and comfortable as they open and assess their innermost traumas and heartaches and look for resolutions. This can be across the range of the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical healing. I should be open and direct and clear about what my LABEL is. I should let my potential clients know what Lotus-Energies.com is about and what they can expect when they decide to ‘open up the jar’ and taste the wares.


If we LABEL our spiritual gifts and ourselves in just the right way then others will know what to expect when they taste of our skills and gifts. If we have a daily fresh approach to our servings of ‘light and love’’ it will invite others to enjoy the experience of who we are, and come back for more – just like the best strawberry jam.


There is no point being vague about the menu, or misleading about the flavour.


Tell them straight. Be honest and confident. Juicy flavoured jam served with warm freshly cooked pancakes, topped with light vanilla cream makes the whole delightful experience more deserving of another taste.


Show others what they can savour of the goodness of our goods !!


Be fresh in your daily approach.

Be authentic in your menu.

Be home-made and genuine.

And most of all; serve with LOVE, and your own special flavour.

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