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Expo Application Form

Complete the below form to apply as a Stallholder, Reader, Presenter or Entertainer at Soul Events 2020 Spiritual & Healing Expos.

*If applicable
Briefly describe what you will be offering at the Expo as a product or service.
Note: Stalls are reserved for sale of products and services only. All readers are required to apply for the Reader's Room for readings to be undertaken within this designated room (10% additional commission charged on all readings)
Please outline anything additional Soul Events needs to know about your stall.

Expo Agreement & Information

Soul Events Spiritual & Healing Expos are held tri-annually within Redland City and are committed to connecting the local community with local healers, practitioners and readers within the area.

By completing the above Application Form you agree to be bound by the enclosed Terms and Conditions if you are confirmed as a successful attendee:

Please read carefully.

Invoicing – Soul Events will invoice you for payment at confirmation of your stall number.

Booking – 100% of the payment will be required 4 weeks prior to the event to lock in your position as an exhibitor at the Soul Events Spiritual & Healing Expos; Soul Events reserves the right to release your position if payment is not made within full by this date.


  • 2 Months Prior to Expo – Full refund
  • 1 Month Prior to Expo – 50% refund
  • < 4 weeks prior to Expo – No Refund

Insurance – In order to be an exhibitor at the Soul Events Spiritual & Healing Expos, you are expected to have your own Public Liability Insurance and/or Professional Indemnity Insurance (as required). A certificate of currency of your policy is to be supplied to us by final payment. Any questions about this please contact Soul Events.

Presentation – All displays must be of a reasonable and proper standard and in keeping with the dignity, content and atmosphere of the Exhibition. Soul Events reserves the right to give directions concerning any display and to reject any display that is not to the standard required by Soul Events. The Exhibitor shall keep the Stand clean and tidy and shall ensure that no offensive smells, improper language or nuisance emanate from the Stand.

Safety – All exhibitors acknowledge they are responsible at all times for their, their employees and their customer’s health and safety at all times. Any electrical equipment used is to be tested and tagged within required timeframes for safe use and all Exhibitor’s shall act in accordance with legislation and policies of health and safety at all times.

Discretion – Soul Events reserves the right to stipulate that a particular person(s) shall not man the Stand or be involved in the promotion of the Goods and Services at the Exhibition. Soul Events also reserves the right to reject any product or service being (or to be) displayed where it judges this to be not in the best interests of the Exhibition.

Responsibility – The venue, Soul Events and any of Soul Events staff, volunteers or contractors are not responsible for any loss or damage to you or your items caused by negligence or otherwise whilst using the venue. Any damage you cause to the venue’s property or fittings during the event, is the financial responsibility of you. Whilst all safety and care is taken when handling your property, no liability or responsibility will be taken for injury, loss of, or damage to property before, during or following the Exhibition. You are responsible for your own participation and wellbeing. You willingly and knowingly assume for yourself, your heirs and legal representatives, all risk of physical injury or emotional upset which may occur during or after this event and agree that Bee Free Healing shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage suffered by any person or persons while within the area of the Stand. The Exhibitor indemnifies Soul Events against any liability for or arising out of any and all such injury, loss or damage in the event of any claim made against Soul Events regardless of the cause of any such injury, loss or damage.  The Exhibitor hereby agree to hold Soul Events and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and /or volunteers, harmless from any liability, damage, loss, cost or expense, arising out of your participation in this event.


  • Stage Area (with seating for approx. 60-80 persons).
  • Access to a raised stage, projector, screen, lectern and a microphone
  • All speakers to provide an outline of their presentation for review and approval prior to payment being made.


  • All readers will be located within the “Reader’s Room” constructed within the Expo.
  • There will be a maximum of 12 reading tables only in total within the room.
  • A representative of the expo will take all payments and bookings and assign each client to their chosen reader. A board will be erected showcasing all readers Bio’s for review. This representative will be an employee or volunteer of Soul Events.
  • Reading time-slots will be predetermined. Readers can offer 15min or 30min readings only
  • Readers are able to set their own rates for their readings, but we encourage not to charge more than $50/30min for a reading
  • 10% from all readings will go towards payment of the marketing and promotion of the readers, the hire costs of the room, the coordination of the bookings on the day and the payment of the employee’s wages. This will be calculated at the end of the day based on readings completed by each person.
  • Online bookings will be taken in the lead up to the event. This will be organised by Soul Events. Payment fees from the online payment gateway will be deducted from the overall cost before being allocated to the relevant reader.
  • Payment for online bookings to readers will be made within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the event

Stall Holders

  • All healers will be allocated a stall inside within the air-conditioning, for the comfort of your clients.
  • Retailers may be located inside (with some outside stalls possible). All outside stalls will be within a sheltered and undercover area, free from wind, sun and/or rain.
  • There will be a maximum of 46 stalls within the expo (not including readers)
  • All stallholders are required, as a condition of booking into the Soul Events Spiritual & Healing Expos, to provide a donation gift to be raffled as part of this event. We ask that gifts do not exceed $50 in value and will be displayed upon entry, along with your business details as the donator. All raffles will be drawn on the day at 3.30pm.
  • All stalls will be provided with 2 chairs for the stall – note, tables will not be provided and must be provided by the stall holder.
  • No enclosed partitioning between stalls. As a courtesy to all other stall holders, please remain within your designated space and do not encroach on others areas.
  • Power is provided to the stalls along the walls only and will not be provided unless specifically asked for. If you require power, please ensure it is outlined in the specific requirements section below. It is encouraged that battery operated equipment where possible.
  • Incense and Candles will not be permitted to be burned during the expo by the stall holders. Diffusers can be used.
  • Walls spaces may use the walls available for hanging items but must in no way damage or mark the wall.

Entertainers / Performers

  • All entertainers will be located outside for ambience upon arrival by the guests.
  • Money for ‘busking’ may be asked for within your space and products may be sold (eg: CDs, recordings)
  • A chair can be provided if required.
  • All cords must be safely assembled and positioned and it is recommended that they are regularly tested and tagged for safety purposes.
  • Power will be provided, but it is encouraged that you bring your own Power Board for multiple power options
  • Entertainers will play from 10.30am – 2.30pm (with a short regular breaks encouraged)
  • Music is to be kept to a level that is suitable for the venue and does not impact on other stallholders